CIMA LTCI Corporation is your full service provider of custom uniforms and apparel for corporate and law enforcement agencies. CIMA will design, manufacture and distribute all of your garment needs.


We are deeply involved in managing the quality control at our factories, overseeing the manufacturing process ensuring timely delivery of all of our garments. In Spanish, CIMA means “the peak of the mountain” and this is what we have been doing for decades: aiming high to provide the best possible service and quality to our clients.


At CIMA LTCI, we have over 30 years of experience in the garment industry, business development and manufacturing. Our extensive product profile of uniforms include NAFTA manufactured goods for law enforcement, public security, corporate and industrial sectors.


We source our fabrics in the same countries as our factories providing our clients with the greatest cost efficiency. CIMA has invested in the latest manufacturing technology and equipment.


All our products go through a rigorous inspection process. Our facilities are kept to the highest standards and they are socially compliant. Tight control on the process ensures top-quality garments ON TIME, EVERY TIME.


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